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clicca qui per visualizzare il pedigree

Rick Von Burgthann is the most rottweiler ever titled in the Rottweiler history, one of the best reproducer for his morphologic chararcteristcs. Let’s say that Rick and Noris are the History.

Also Noris Von Gruntenblick like Rick, was one of the best reproducer by living to his progeny big bones structure great heads and strong temperaments.

Descending from the Noris line, Ayk was very used in the reproduction for his strong and solid construction, dark mouth pigment and eyes color.

One of the last great producer of the early 2000, he gaves us tipical and nice shaped heads, and strong charachters.


Hello to Everyone,
my name is Gianni Bordignon, from 1984 I am a dog enthusiast even though I have a great love for all kind of animals. At that time I owned some beautyfull Dobermans, thanks to them my love for dogs became reality.

Standing next to one of the most qualified breeder my skills in the breeding and working trials field, obtaining beautyfull subjects with Z.T.P. selection trial. In German "Zuchtaugklikeit Prufung” that means “Exame of Idoneity for reproducing”.
In 1995 I came to know this marvellous breed thanks to some friends which owned some dogs. Particularly, frequenting some Expos, I”ve got impressed from their coat similar to the Doberman but also from their powerfull muscles and the energy espressed from their eyes; even if this breed has been labeled as “dangerous”. I’ve got fascinated by them and I decided to buy one female, named Corjnne, after some time through a common friend I purchased a fantastic male, Falco Von Faust Schlossl, son of one most titled german dog, Rick Von Burgthann. From that time I started participating to the most important Expo organised by ENCI and obtaining Exellent rating, by winining CAC, CACIB and BOB. On 1999 my kennel name has been approuved from THUIN – Belgium base of F.C.I. and “Di Casa Bordignon” was born, a young kennel, selecting high quality standards, studing carefully the blood lines and studs in order to obtain beautyfull, balanced and winning as demostrated so far with many titles and thanks also to all the people that support me in this mission. So far (2009) we can count on 11 Italian and International titles, many best Reproducer titles and 2 Young Italian Champions. For about 10 year I have been nominated Delegate of my region, Veneto, and I organised many events like ZTP, IPO and Special Shows. Now, after a short break for personal reasons, I come back with the same passion and will to win like before.
Sirs, I love this breed as it really is and as the other describe it.

Best Regards, Gianni Bordignon